Do you think to franchise your business in Italy ?
Do you know which brands want to franchise their business in Italy ?
Professional Group SRL – Franchising Analysis can provide you with valuable advice and guidance.
Professional Group SRL – Franchising Analysis can be your perfect reference for your development in this country.
Dott.Rag.Mirco Comparini (Professional Group SRL and Studio Comparini & Russo) will be your personal franchise consultant and, with his long experience, he will lead you to a successful franchise in Italy (in conformity with the national law).
He is a professional franchise consultant with experience in the following franchising areas:
– Business Analysis and Business Plans
– Franchise Consulting and Agreements
– Area Franchising and Subfranchise Agreements
– Franchise Disclosure Document
– Franchise Operating Manuals and Franchisee Training Manuals
– Franchising Marketing, Trade Shows and Advertising
– Compliance with State Franchise Rules, Laws and Regulation
His complete range of franchise consultancy products and services is uniquely combined with Studio Comparini & Russo where Senior Partners can offer you their professional services which all companies need to operate in Italy (Senior Partner Dott.Rag.Mirco Comparini is chartered accountant, chartered consultant in accounting, chartered public accountant, auditor of account and chartered tax consultant, since 1988, and Senior Partner Rag.M.Rosaria Russo is chartered consultant in book-keeping pay-rolls, in wage calculations and in engagements of workers for firms, since 1989).

In addition, we can also analyze any positions as chief executive officers to operate in Italy for yours brands.

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